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 Kristin Harper, M.Ed., LMT

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Massage Therapy
Deep Tissue, Swedish, Hot Rocks, and 
Lua Lomi Massage

$70.00 a session

  I am a licensed massage therapist which supports my intention to facilitate growth and healing for the greatest and highest good to come forward.  I work with clients to remove blockages in their bodies that hold them back from living and loving well.  I have been practicing massage for over 5 years now and have given over 3,000 massages and have integrated massage and bodywork into my practice as a mental health professional and bodywork counselor.  I have found that massage is a very powerful tool in integrating past traumas in the body and removing the blocks that keep people stuck in pain and moving forward in their lives.


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Kristin Harper, M.Ed., LMT :: MA60326547