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 Kristin Harper, M.Ed., LMT

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All classes are on zoom at this time!  Please note the dates of the eight week sessions on the classes page. Namaste.
My sessions of yoga, yoga therapy, and massage draw from a range of styles and schools of yoga including Vinyasa-Flow, Yin, Anusara, Kripalu, Power Yoga as well as Gentle and Restorative practices.  

Looking for Meditation?
All of my sessions include Meditation as part of the practice as it is it part of the healing process to be present with the body and to pay attention to thoughts that come up that create emotions, sensations, and experiences.  Thought work, mindfulness, and many other terms in psychotherapy fall under the umbrella of meditation.   My background in teaching meditation is Vipassana meditation as I have completed training with Tara Brach "Integrating Meditation into Clinical Practice:  Emotional Healing & Spiritual Transformation in 2007.  I have also completed the Vipassana Course in Onalaska, Washington which is a 10 day seated meditation training in silence in 2004. I also have been practicing meditaiton and yoga in my personal practice since 1993.  

I have mentored students of yoga therapy and trained yoga students in the Beginning certification process.

I also offer massage therapy and yoga therapy.

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