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 Kristin Harper, M.Ed., LMT

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Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
$1.00 a minute 
$60.00 an hour 
$90.00 an hour and a half

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy combines yoga postures and a client-centered dialogue that supports the client in being present with what is happening in the body.  Most pain is in resistance to pain, so the more you resist the more it persists.  

Pain is an energy, it does not stay in one spot, it is a mystery and its etiology is found in the body and mind. With a safe and professional environment, the client is allowed the opportunity to explore pain in the body and how that shows up not only in the body, but in relationships and day to day life.  

This form of Yoga Therapy, which the standards are upheld with the International Yoga Therapists association, is a powerful and progressive way to heal and transform pain, as well as empower the client.

And, most of all Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy helps people feel better in their body.  

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